Stuff The SIM Card “Into” The Processor! Qualcomm Demonstrates iSIM Technology For The First Time In The World


On January 18, San Diego time, Qualcomm officially announced that it has partnered with Vodafone and Thales to demonstrate the world’s first smartphone with new iSIM technology, which allows the functions of a SIM card to be incorporated into the device’s main processor.

The demonstration will take place on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phone powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor, a technology that allows the phone to connect to devices without a physical SIM card or dedicated chip.

It is reported that iSIM technology complies with GSMA specifications and allows for increased memory capacity, enhanced performance and higher system integration, and unlike previous eSIM technology, iSIM technology does not require any separate chip but is directly embedded in the device’s processor middle.

Simply put, iSIM technology can “plug” a mobile phone card into the processor without requiring any additional dedicated chips to support it.

Compared with traditional SIM cards or eSIM technology, iSIM technology has several advantages.

First, the iSIM technology is directly integrated into the processor of the device, saving the internal space of the mobile phone; in addition, the eSIM technology can be directly used in the iSIM, and operators do not need to carry out additional technical iterations.

At the same time, the feature that iSIM is directly integrated into the processor paves the way for the integration of mobile services into pen-related mobile phones. After the technology matures, laptops, tablet computers, and even AR/VR and other sci-fi devices All will be able to access existing mobile data networks.