Ukraine To Form Territorial Defense Force


The website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced on the 18th that Ukraine will form a territorial defense force of 150 battalions and a total of 25 brigades.

The news said that Ukraine will deploy defense forces on the scale of one brigade in each state, forming a total of 150 battalions and 25 brigades of territorial defense forces. At present, Ukraine is accelerating the deployment of troops. As of the 17th, more than 86% of the troop locations have been selected.

The website of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense also released news on the same day that light anti-tank weapons aided by the United Kingdom arrived in Ukraine on the 18th. Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Petrenko said the weapons will be used only for defense and to protect Ukrainian troops, key facilities and civilians in "any actions that may lead to an escalation of the situation".

Recently, relations between Ukraine and Russia have deteriorated rapidly, with the two sides deploying a large number of military personnel and equipment in the border areas of the two countries. The United States, Ukraine and NATO allege that Russia has assembled a large number of troops near the eastern border of Ukraine and has the potential of "invasion". Russia denies it, emphasizing that NATO activities threaten Russia's border security, and Russia has the right to mobilize troops within its borders to defend its territory.