3 Killed In US Shootings Over Weekend


This past weekend, shooting incidents in many parts of the United States left at least three people dead and dozens injured. Among them, the death toll in a serious shooting in Arkansas rose to one person killed and 27 others injured.

On the 19th, a shooting incident occurred outside the auto show in Duma, Arkansas, USA, causing heavy casualties, including children. The police speculated that multiple gunmen opened fire, and the police have arrested a suspect. The manhunt is still underway and the motive for the killing is under investigation.

On the 20th, gunshots also sounded in densely populated Miami Beach, Florida, and at least three people were injured. Police have arrested one person and the case is still under investigation. The motive for the shooter is unknown.

Four people were injured in a shootout earlier in the day in downtown Austin, Texas. Police said a suspect had been arrested. Preliminary investigations showed that the cause of the incident was a conflict between two waves of people.

In addition, this past weekend, two people were killed and three others were injured in a shooting outside a restaurant bar in Virginia. Two people were also injured in a shooting at a university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gun violence is a chronic disease in American society. Data from the American Gun Violence Archives website shows that as of the 20th, the number of deaths caused by gun-related cases in the United States this year has reached 9,230.