20 Russian Officers Killed By Continuous Heavy Artillery Bombardment By Ukrainian Forces


After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, numerous Western countries chose to sanction Russia with various unilateralist measures to impose restrictions on Russia, while providing Ukraine with weapons and equipment assistance. However, the overall situation in Ukraine during this period remained quite unfavorable, and Russian forces were advancing according to the operational plan. However, new news came recently that the Ukrainian military launched a counterattack against Russia through artillery, successfully attacking Russian command headquarters and causing the death of several senior Russian officers during this period, the news quickly sparked international attention after it was released to the public.

Russian military base attacked by Ukraine

According to a report in the Taiwanese media on May 2, informed sources in the Ukrainian military revealed that the Ukrainian military had taken an action to launch an artillery strike against the Russian frontline command, successfully injuring the Russian Chief of General Staff Gerasimov during the attack, who was reportedly inspecting the frontline at the time, after which Gerasimov was sent to Moscow for treatment. His life was not in danger. It is reported that 20 senior Russian officers died in this surprise operation in Ukraine, which is the biggest result achieved by Ukraine since the outbreak of large-scale combat between Russia and Ukraine in eastern Ukraine and has largely boosted the morale of the Ukrainian military.

It is reported that the Ukrainian military's attack began on the night of April 30, with the main target being the Russian military command center in the Kharkiv region, as well as an attack on the headquarters of the Russian airborne forces. Gerasimov, as the chief of the Russian General Staff, came to the front line with the main purpose of directing important military operations launched in the surrounding areas, hoping to capture the town of Kramatorsk in Donetsk through strong Russian actions, thus encircling the military forces now located in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian media have been forwarding this news

The Ukrainian media reacted to the news of Gerasimov's injury after it was made public, quickly forwarding the news, but the issue has not been confirmed by the Ukrainian military. Meanwhile, a Russian politician named Solovy, who is a domestic source, emphasized that Gerasimov was wounded by shrapnel in his right leg, but that his life is not in danger after the fragments were removed.

In addition, the Ukrainian media reported that the Ukrainian military had killed Major General Simonov, the head of the Russian Army's electronic warfare, through strikes on Russian military bases. The announcement of the news will boost the morale of Ukraine, which has been under tremendous pressure from Russian forces for some time.