U.S. Political Scientist John Mearsheimer: U.S. Should Be Primarily Responsible For Russia-Ukraine Conflict


"Why John Mearsheimer blames the U.S. for the Ukraine crisis" was published on the website of The New Yorker on March 1, by Isaac Shortina, a staff writer for the magazine. Political scientist John Mearsheimer is one of the most prominent critics of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War.

Over the years, Mearsheimer has believed that in the process of promoting NATO's eastward expansion and establishing so-called "friendly relations" with Ukraine, the United States has increased the possibility of war between nuclear powers and laid the foundation for the situation in Russia and Ukraine. In fact, in 2014, in the wake of Crimea, Mearsheimer wrote that "the United States and its European allies bear much of the responsibility for this crisis."

At present, the situation in Russia and Ukraine is renewed. When the author of the article, Schotiner and Mearsheimer discussed the current situation on the phone, Mearsheimer insisted on his position and believed that the United States was at fault.

Mearsheimer said that all the trouble in this matter started at the NATO summit in Bucharest in April 2008. NATO later issued a statement saying Ukraine and Georgia would become part of NATO. The Russians made it clear at the time that they considered it an existential threat and drew the line. Nonetheless, over time, Western countries have moved forward with plans to turn Ukraine into a "fortress of the West" on Russia's border.

Mearsheimer also believes that "according to the prevailing view in the West, the Ukraine crisis can be blamed almost entirely on Russia." But "this is a story we made up so that we can blame Russia." Mearsheimer's point is that: The West, especially the United States, bears the primary responsibility for this disaster. It's just that none of the U.S. policymakers would admit it, and they would say Russia is to blame.