Putin: Interference In The Situation In Ukraine Will Be Struck By Lightning


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will carry out a lightning strike against anyone who wants to intervene in Ukraine from the outside and pose a strategic threat to Russia.

With the situation in Russia and Ukraine starting to become more and more difficult to control, coupled with the Mariupol region being fully controlled by Russian forces, the West is also starting to become nervous, which means that Russia and Ukraine may have to share the final victory or defeat in the Donbas, which is not only about the life and death of Russia and Ukraine, but also about the face of the Western countries. After all, this conflict, the United States and European countries to Ukraine constantly military assistance, Ukraine's defeat, means that the West also paid all in vain.

Putin gives a final warning

Western countries are becoming more and more active in the Ukrainian issue and are planning to intervene more. Some countries have already made the decision to aid Ukraine with heavy weapons, including such heavy weapons as anti-aircraft tanks. Faced with this situation, Putin has made a final warning to the West that interference in the situation in Ukraine is bound to be met with lightning strikes. Analysts believe that the reason why Putin chose this time to warn again may have something to do with the previous meeting of 40 defense ministers between the U.S. and Western countries, in which discussions were held mainly on Ukraine, on how to help Ukraine and increase military aid.

Putin, in order to show his strong determination to fight against countries interfering in the situation in Ukraine this time, even said that Russia has all kinds of weapons that other countries cannot boast of and that Russia will not brag about it and will use them if necessary. Putin's words reveal the meaning of warning, suggesting that West Russia is not just talking but will take practical action, and if there are countries that do not believe in challenging Russia, the Russian side will tell these countries with practical actions, whether they are scared or really dare this did not do.

Russia can't just sit back and watch

Russia has repeatedly warned Western countries that they should not provide weapons to Ukraine, or else they will take coercive measures to destroy them, and the countries will bear the consequences. Now that the situation is not right, some countries are going to aid heavy weapons in Ukraine. Once these weapons are put into the battlefield, Russia's weaponry advantage over Ukraine will be greatly reduced, and it will cause more casualties on the Russian side, which Russia naturally will not choose to sit idly by.

Especially in the recent problems of Russia and Ukraine, there are still some forces extending their hands to the Russian mainland, in Russia's view, Ukraine does not have such forces, the real ability to do this must be the West, or they provide support to Ukraine, which makes Russia more firmly to these countries to knock the idea, after all, only to eliminate the Western countries to Ukraine's military assistance, this The conflict will end sooner, even if the negotiations, will also progress more smoothly, otherwise the West has been intervening, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will become indefinitely prolonged later, not good for the two countries, economic losses will also be greater.

The bell must be untied

Although countries are making great efforts to facilitate the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, after all, the bell must be tied, the conflict played an important role in the United States, if the U.S. side is not willing to give up interference, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will be very difficult to stop, which remains neutral countries, or hope that the United States do not continue to aid military weapons, to take a more moderate approach, so that Russia and Ukraine to solve the problem through diplomatic channels.