Manchester United Infighting! 11 Players Want To Leave The Team


According to the "Mirror" news, Rangnick is trying to unite Manchester United's locker room, he is facing the first crisis since he took office. It is understood that some factions have formed in Manchester United's lineup. Some players have even more say in the dressing room than the coach. Rangnick faces many of the same problems that forced his predecessor Solskjaer to be fired.

A source close to the team said that as many as 11 Manchester United players are disappointed with the team and want to leave. Players are dissatisfied with Rangnick's coaching and tactics. Because his appointment only lasts until the end of the season, his position in the players' hearts is further weakened.

More and more players received the same treatment under Rangnick and Solskjaer, which led to a further split in the Manchester United dressing room.

The source said: "This is not good, the atmosphere is really bad. It looks like Manchester United will face big problems."