Elon Musk: Tesla Is Considering Participation In The Creation Of Strong Artificial Intelligence


At AI Day 2021, Tesla unveiled Dojo, its latest supercomputer for training neural networks, and also announced plans to build Tesla Bot (a Tesla humanoid robot that can perform general tasks and repetitive tasks). Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that it is going a step further and is considering involving Tesla in the creation of Strong Artificial Intelligence (AGI). He also added that Tesla plans to decentralize control of the Tesla Bot to avoid a “Terminator”-like ending.

In recent years, Musk has been pushing to make Tesla the world leader in the practical application of artificial intelligence, and he even referred to Tesla’s self-driving cars, equipped with sensors and computers, as robots on wheels. Tesla also hopes to attract world-class AI talent through real-world applications of AI, and Musk often boasts that Tesla has the best AI team on the planet.

“Tesla AI may play a role in AGI as it can be trained against the outside world, especially with Optimus,” Musk just tweeted. It should be noted that Optimus or Optimus Subprime is the code name that Musk gave to the Tesla Bot project. The new remarks do come as a bit of a surprise, given Musk’s previous warnings about creating AGI and the human risks that come with it.

Speaking of Musk and artificial intelligence, OpenAI has to be mentioned. OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence research group focused on “ensuring strong artificial intelligence for the benefit of all mankind”, and Musk is the co-founder and main funder of OpenAI. Musk ultimately resigned from OpenAI in 2018, citing potential conflicts of interest in Tesla’s own AI work.

In addition to announcing Tesla’s possible involvement in AGI R&D efforts, Musk also revealed that Tesla will ensure “decentralized” control of Tesla Bots: “We will do our best. The decentralized control of robots will be critical. “In response to the concerns of netizens about summoning the demon, according to Musk, summoning the demon is to create an anti-human AGI. The decentralized control of Tesla Bots will prevent this demon from entering the army – like the plot of the movie “Terminator”. Musk has previously said that Tesla is initially expected to release a working prototype of the Optimus by the end of 2022.

The foray into AGI is just the latest of many signs that Musk is slowly transforming Tesla into an artificial intelligence company. Of course, some people still think that electric cars are Tesla’s main business, but Musk is taking a longer view, and he seems to see Tesla more and more as an artificial intelligence and robotics company. For more news about Tesla robots, stay tuned for follow-up reports.