COVID-19 Occurred In Many Places In China At The Same Time


In the past week, the newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world have rebounded again, of which more than 40% are concentrated in countries and regions around China, and the pressure of overseas COVID-19 importation continues to increase.

Overall, the local epidemic in China is still in the developing stage, and many provinces are facing the prevention and control of the Omicron epidemic in many cities at the same time.

From March 1 to 18, China has reported more than 29,000 cases of COVID-19 infections, affecting 28 provinces, of which Jilin Province has reported more than 10,000 cases. Another 4 provinces have reported more than 1,000 cases cumulatively, and 10 provinces have cumulatively reported between 100-1000 cases.

As of 24:00 on March 18, the total number of COVID-19 infections in hospitals in China was 29,127. From the perspective of the disease, mild and asymptomatic infections are the main ones, accounting for more than 95%, and severe and critical cases account for less than 0.1%.