Tesla Launches Track Mode For Model S Plaid


Last week, Tesla pushed out the last software update (2021.44.30) of last year. This update brings a brand new Track Mode to Model S Plaid.

Tesla said, "The track mode will enable Tesla's performance-oriented stability control and powertrain settings for track driving. This mode is designed to be used by experienced truck drivers who are familiar with the track. . Do not use on public roads."

For drivers with inexperienced driving, the track mode can be very dangerous. Tesla reminds drivers to avoid "overheating the brake system" because this will greatly reduce performance. Secondly, it is recommended that drivers check their tires, brake pads, etc. In addition, the track mode disables or restricts certain vehicle functions, including some driving assistance functions.

The track mode has preset for competition, drift and snow, and adjusts the vehicle's handling, stability, and kinetic energy recovery capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the owners of Model S Plaid, the track mode has also increased the car's top speed from the previous 163 miles (about 262.32 kilometers) per hour to 175 miles (about 281.64 kilometers) per hour.