North American Box Office: ‘Scream 5’ Beats ‘Spider-Man’


“Spider-Man: Homeless Heroes”, which has occupied the North American weekend box office chart for a long time, finally ushered in a strong opponent last weekend. The horror film “Scream 5,” produced by Paramount Pictures, was the new champion with a $30.6 million weekend box office, beating out “Spider-Man: Homeless”, which grossed $20.8 million.

The new behind-the-scenes creative team creates “Scream 5”

“Scream” is a series of horror movies that have become popular since the 1990s. The latest fifth film has been 25 years since the first film was released, and it has been ten years since the last film was released. In a quarter of a century, the classic “Grimace” image created by screenwriter Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven’s influence has long gone out of the screen, becoming a symbol of Western pop culture, and also derived from The “Scary Movie” series, which made fun of it, is indeed one of the most well-known horror movie IPs of the past few decades.

The story of “Scream 5” continues the previous one, and the three original cast members of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette also return. Since the director of the first four films, Wes Craven, passed away in 2015, the behind-the-scenes creative team was replaced by directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Taylor Gillett and screenwriter James Vanderbilt. A three-person team.

The three were about the same age and formed a filmmaking group called Radio Silence. As early as more than ten years ago, they have been shooting online micro-movies together. In the early years, they mainly shot funny short films, and they belonged to the first generation of Internet celebrities on YouTube, which was still a new thing at the time. In 2011, Brad Miska, the owner of the movie website Bloody Disgusting, invited Radio Silence to participate in the filming of the horror film collection “Deadly Video,” “V/H/S”, which he supervised. The three of them wrote and performed a self-portrait titled “10/31/98”, which was especially well received by the audience and also attracted the attention of the industry to these three young people.

Two years later, the three of them were picked up by major Hollywood studios to direct the horror film “Devil’s Due” for 20th Century Fox, but the reviews were mediocre. Fortunately, the shooting cost of the film is extremely low, only a mere 7 million US dollars, so it earned 37 million US dollars at the box office after the global screening, but made money.

After their 2016 stint on the platter movie “Southbound,” 2019’s “Are You Ready” really brought their names to mainstream audiences. The film won nearly 60 million US dollars at the global box office for 6 million US dollars. It can be regarded as a model of a low-cost movie with a 10-year-old. It also bought the telescope for the copyright of “Scream” from Miramax. Spyglass Media Group finally made the call, and it was the trio that would reboot the cash cow.

Unexpectedly, “Radio Silence” also continued their usual production ideas this time. The production cost of “Scream 5” was only 24 million US dollars, which was the first place in the weekend box office chart in the past 12 months. Of all the champion films of, the one with the least money. Not only did it get a good start at the box office, but the film’s reputation also passed the test. On the film review website “Rotten Tomatoes”, there are currently 75% of professional film critics and 84% of audiences.

Cinemas are waiting for the arrival of new films

Overall, the total North American box office this weekend is only $73 million, which is a big gap compared to the $200 million box office in the same weekend in 2015 and the $130 million weekend box office in 2019 during the pre-pandemic period. Because Monday is Martin Luther King Day, people across the United States have a day off. In the past, Hollywood companies paid more attention to this three-day holiday, and often arranged for a large-scale release of many new films this weekend. But this year, affected by the epidemic, only Paramount’s new film “Scream 5” is left, and several other films originally planned to be released in this schedule have all withdrawn from the market due to concerns about the epidemic. , such as the new work “Deep Water” directed by erotic film veteran Adrian Lane (“Love You for Nine and a Half Weeks”, “Peachy Deal”, “A Tree of Pears and Begonias”).

“Deep Water” was filmed as early as 2020, and it was also negotiated that 20th Century Films (formerly 20th Century Fox) under Disney was responsible for North American distribution. Due to the epidemic, the release date of the film has been postponed several times, and it was finally set for January 14 this year. But late last year, Disney announced that the film’s release model would not be in theaters at all, and instead would be shown on Hulu and Amazon’s streaming platforms. In fact, “Deep Water” starred Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, who fell in love during the filming and were boyfriend and girlfriend for a year before breaking up. Affleck reunites with former love Jennifer Lopez. Just based on this piece of lace news, the topicality and awareness of “Deep Water” should not be low. It is difficult to say whether it will harvest a wave of the box office in mid-January when the new film will be released in theaters.

There is also the “Sesame Street Movie” (Sesame Street‎) produced by Warner Bros., which was originally scheduled for January 14, just in time for the “Voice of Joy 2” class, and with the “Sesame Street” The golden signboard is not afraid of lack of support from audiences of all sizes. However, Warners also canceled the original release plan of the film, and it is likely to go directly to the HBO Max online platform. As a result, the Japanese animated film “The Dragon and the Freckled Princess”, which was released in 1,326 theaters in North America last weekend, successfully won the weekend box office of 1.65 million US dollars, ranking sixth in the weekend box office list. This is quite a good result for a foreign language animated film.

In short, the needs of American audiences are still there, especially young audiences who are not too worried about the epidemic, and the state governments have not further tightened the epidemic prevention policies for theater chains, but major film companies are afraid to release new films due to various concerns. . The fewer new films, the fewer the audience, and a vicious circle is gradually formed. But the key point is that today’s film companies have generally held the magic weapon of streaming media. If new films do not enter the theater, they can still find channels for distribution and directly enter thousands of households. It would be better if you invest a huge amount of publicity and distribution expenses, but no one sees it when it is released in theaters. And doing so can also bring about the growth of streaming media users, which can also explain something to Wall Street and investors.

However, the theater industry, which has been suffering from the epidemic, has to complain even more. In the following January, only the new film of Universal Pictures’ gospel film “Who Can Love Me Like This” (Redeeming Love) will be released on a large scale, and movie theaters can only wait silently for the “New Batman” in March. Air rescue city.