GTA6 Is Coming? Tez2 Revealed That Rockstar Games Will Announce A Masterpiece This Year


Recently, there are really many rumors about Rockstar Games’ new works, such as “Bulley Rooney Remake”, “GTA6”, “Red Dead Redemption Remake” and so on. Now there are new news!

Tez2, a well-known whistleblower from R Star Games, revealed on the forum that 2022 is almost the inevitable time for Rockstar Games to announce its next work. According to the publicity model of Rockstar Games’ main works, this work is expected to be released one year after its release.

The information provided by Tez2 as a whistleblower is very accurate. He had accurately predicted the content, release time and landing platform of the “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition” before the release.

Currently, I don’t know what the new work he is talking about is. Although players are looking forward to the new work “GTA6”, according to previous reports, the development of the game is currently in chaos, so it is obviously unlikely that it will be released after a year. There is a high probability of this new work being a remake!