Dilemma? Israeli Media: Israel Agrees To Update The US On Trade With China


“Israel agreed to inform the United States of the latest developments in trade with China to avoid tensions.” The Jerusalem Post reported on the 3rd that Israel continues to maintain strategic relations with the United States and its third-largest trading partner. Maintaining a balance between China’s economic relations will be one of its major foreign policy challenges in 2022.

According to the report, as the competition between Washington and Beijing is becoming increasingly tense, the former continues to worry about China’s involvement in the Middle East, while the Israeli security cabinet has been discussing the country’s next move.

According to a senior Israeli diplomat on the 3rd, if Israel must choose a side, it will stand on the side of the United States and will not confront Washington on the China issue, but it is more willing to keep a low profile so that it will not lose its origin from China. Business and investment.

According to the report, Israel has agreed in recent months to notify Washington of any major transactions with Beijing, especially in terms of infrastructure and technology, as the United States claims that Chinese investment may lead to security breaches. A senior Israeli diplomat said on the 3rd that Israel will reconsider any such transactions at the request of the United States.

At the same time, the “Jerusalem Post” stated that Israel is trying to show China that it will continue to do business with China, although this is not the case. In addition, although Israel has repeatedly asked the United States to come up with investment plans to replace China’s investment, most of them are of no avail.

Regarding the actions of the United States to coerce other countries to choose sides, Hua Chunying, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, once stated that both the people of China and the United States and the vast majority of countries in the world, including the peoples of some of the United States’ allies, hope that China and the United States For peaceful coexistence, China and the United States can have a common “circle of friends.” It is hoped that the U.S. side will show the self-confidence and demeanor that it should have as a major country, and stop coercing other countries to choose sides, and stop coercing other countries to follow the U.S. to interfere in China’s internal affairs and harm China’s interests.