Biden: The U.S. Military Is Not And Will Not Be Involved In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict In The Future!


On February 24, local time, US President Biden delivered a speech on the situation in Russia and Ukraine at the White House. Biden reiterated that the U.S. military is not and will not be involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the future. The U.S. military went to Europe not to fight in Ukraine, but to protect NATO allies. He said the United States would do everything in its power to defend every inch of NATO's territory.

Biden also said in his speech that day that he authorized tougher sanctions and new restrictions on exports to Russia, which will bring immediate and long-term serious costs to the Russian economy. He said he had spoken to G7 leaders and reached an agreement to limit Russia's ability to do business with the dollar, euro, pound and yen. On the 25th, NATO leaders will also hold a summit to formulate the next steps.