Hostage Rescued! Texas Hijacker Dies


A hostage-taking incident lasted more than 11 hours at a synagogue in Texas, the United States. The local police announced on the night of the 15th Central Time in the United States that all four hostages had been rescued and the hostage had died.

The incident occurred in Colleyville, a suburb of Fort Worth in northern Texas. Colleyville Police Chief Michael Miller said at a news conference after the hostages were rescued that the hostages were all adults and were safe, and bomb disposal experts were checking the scene at the scene of the incident.

Miller said law enforcement and the hijackers had a lengthy negotiation, and the hijackers first released one hostage in the evening. Hours later, rescuers entered the synagogue and rescued three other hostages. The hijacker was dead. Miller did not say how the kidnapper died.

Law enforcement did not release identifying information such as the ages of the hostages and their captors. The head of the FBI in Dallas told a news conference that the hijacker had been identified and there was no indication that the incident was part of "any ongoing threat."

Citing anonymous law enforcement officials, several U.S. media reported that the hijackers demanded the release of Pakistani neurologist Afiya Siddiqui. The U.S. alleges Siddiqui attempted to attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan and sentenced her to 86 years in prison in 2010. Siddiqui is currently being held at a federal prison in Fort Worth. It is unclear what the relationship between the kidnappers and her is.