Biden Holds Press Conference On The First Anniversary Of His Presidency


According to several US media reports from CNN and ABC, on the 19th local time, US President Biden held a press conference on his first anniversary at the White House, which means that his first year in office officially The end of the second year started. According to the report, at this press conference, Biden reviewed the work he has done as the president of the United States in the past year, as well as international topics such as the situation in Ukraine, and said that "the best days for the United States are still ahead, not behind."

"This is a year full of challenges, but it is also a year of great progress over the years," Biden concluded in his opening remarks, talking about the U.S. government's efforts to fight the epidemic, promote vaccines, and create jobs in the past year. work on such issues.

CNN said that Biden conveyed a "positive and optimistic" spirit in this speech. He said: "I have always said that it is never a good bet to go against the American people or the United States. Today I believe that more than ever. Over the past year, we have seen the courage and determination of the American people, He then added, "The best days for this country are still ahead of us, not behind."

January 19 marks Biden's first anniversary as president of the United States. Since Biden took office on January 20, 2021, he has rarely held press conferences, but he has often attended events to briefly answer questions from reporters. Over the past year, Biden's approval rating has fallen sharply, and he has faced many questions on issues such as responding to the epidemic, handling the economy, and withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.