The World Looks Forward To China And China Is Ready


The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are approaching. At present, all preparations are in place. The international community, including the International Olympic Committee, highly recognizes China's preparations. Athletes from various countries are eagerly looking forward to the event. According to media reports from many countries, facing the challenge of the COVID-19, China, with its excellent organizational skills, will advance various preparations in an orderly manner, and present a simple, safe and exciting Olympic Games to the world.

The atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympics is getting more and more enthusiastic

With the "Meet in Beijing" series of test activities recently concluded successfully, athletes, coaches and test participants from all over the world have deeply felt that China attaches great importance to the construction and operation of the Winter Olympics and its careful arrangements. According to the website of the African Football Federation, more than 2,000 athletes from various countries, team officials, and international technical officials participated in a series of international test matches. On the one hand, the athletes can fully understand the Olympic venues. On the other hand, China can further optimize and adjust the organization of the event. Service guarantee, venue operation, etc.

RIA Novosti reported that the Beijing Winter Olympics medals, costumes and torch designs have been announced, and the mascots "Bingdundun" and "Xuerongrong" have long been widely known. China has prepared epidemic prevention manuals for various delegations, and various venues have also conducted adequate tests. On January 27th, China will officially open the Winter Olympic Village to receive athletes from all over the world.

Cuba’s official news agency Latin America reported that “the Chinese people are looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics. Beijing will become the first city in the world to host both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. People are happy about it. The atmosphere is getting more and more enthusiastic."

German ski jumper Karl Geiger said in an interview with the German "Augsburg Report" that the Olympic arena is a stage for fair competition for athletes. "China has done a lot to ensure the smooth operation of the Winter Olympics. We can feel that China's active efforts in the development of ice and snow sports. Ice and snow sports are becoming more and more popular in this country."

US Consumer News and Business Channel reported that in recent years, the market size of China's ski industry has grown rapidly. It is estimated that by 2025, the number of Chinese ice and snow tourists will exceed 500 million.

"Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported that ice and snow sports are getting more and more attention in China. As people have more opportunities to contact skiing, the customer base covered by this market has rapidly expanded. European and American sporting goods companies are optimistic about the business opportunities and have gone to China to expand their business. The increase of ski enthusiasts will drive the development of related industries, and business opportunities will continue to emerge.

China will host a green and low-carbon Winter Olympics

The Forbes Mexico website reported that China has actively adopted scientific and technological measures to help prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the safety of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The report specifically mentioned that the artificial snowmaking system for the Beijing Winter Olympics uses the world's most advanced high-efficiency water-saving artificial snowmaking equipment and intelligent snowmaking system, which can maintain the best snowmaking efficiency according to the dynamic changes of the external environment and save energy resources.

Brazil's "São Paulo Page" reported that China has made careful arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic, including careful renovation of the competition venues, to ensure the comprehensive integration of the Winter Olympics and urban epidemic prevention. "These protective measures are ingeniously designed and perfect, and they are very convenient to operate." The report said that the Beijing Winter Olympics adopted a large number of scientific and technological epidemic prevention measures, such as the use of smart thermometers to measure temperature and the physical condition of relevant personnel through mobile phone programs.

On the news screen of the Saudi Arabian TV station, a robot is shuttled and busy in the Beijing Winter Olympics venue in an orderly manner. "China's use of intelligent robots for logistics and transportation in the Winter Olympics venues has greatly improved work efficiency and can effectively reduce unnecessary contact during the epidemic."

The Egyptian "Pyramid" website published an article that a series of anti-epidemic technological innovations such as virus aerosol detection equipment and atomized disinfection robots will help the Beijing Winter Olympics to be held safely, and 5G technology will ensure communications and online interviews during the games.

"The Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first Olympic Games in history to use 100% green electricity." The report on the third website of Chile detailed China's specific measures to host the Olympic Games in green, and cited relevant departmental data to point out that the use of high-efficiency and energy-saving venues The operation method is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 320,000 tons and reduce standard coal combustion by 128,000 tons.

"China will host a green and low-carbon Winter Olympics." The British "Financial Times" published an article that China is a world leader in the field of green finance. In the past 10 years, the global green bond market has developed rapidly, and China has become the world's second-largest green bond market, creating conditions for sustainable infrastructure construction for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The article quoted Roger Gifford, director of the British Green Finance Institute, as saying that China's sustainable energy and transportation projects will become "green assets" for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Kenya’s mainstream media "Nation News" published an article and spoke highly of China’s unremitting efforts and remarkable results in hosting a simple, safe and exciting Winter Olympics. The article stated that the Beijing Winter Olympics will combine sports with ecological protection, and the competition venues will use 100% green energy for the first time; comprehensive measures will be taken to overcome the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and China's strict and effective epidemic prevention and control system will provide athletes and guests from all over the world. Strong guarantee.

To show the comprehensive achievements of China's economic and social development and scientific and technological progress

The preparatory work for the Beijing Winter Olympics, from venue construction to epidemic prevention and control, has become a focus of attention by foreign media. Reuters quoted International Olympic Committee President Bach as saying that in the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics are progressing smoothly, "it is a miracle."

Japan’s "Mainichi Shimbun" reported that the newly-built National Alpine Ski Center in the Yanqing competition area of ​​the Beijing Winter Olympics has 3 competition tracks and 4 practice tracks on the slopes at an altitude of 2,198 meters. 11 small events including super giant slalom, giant slalom and slalom. The maximum vertical drop of the main race track is 900 meters. The report quoted the relevant person in charge as saying, "This is one of the most difficult alpine skiing tracks in the world." The report also introduced that there are a total of 109 competitions in this Winter Olympics, which is the most competitive in the history of the Winter Olympics.

The Brazilian National News Agency pointed out that the Beijing Winter Olympics will adopt strict epidemic prevention and control measures to "fully guarantee the health and safety of athletes and their delegation members, media and volunteers from all countries."

Serbian Political Online said that the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to "create a warm atmosphere for this ancient and modern city." Greece's "Fortune Greece Network," said that China's careful epidemic prevention and control work has laid the foundation for the smooth progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics. "China can do relevant work to ensure the safety of all parties. The Beijing Winter Olympics will showcase the comprehensive results of China's economic and social development and technological progress."

Athletes from various countries are actively preparing and looking forward to achieving excellent results in the Beijing Winter Olympics. In an interview with Brazil's Globe, the chairman of the Brazilian Snow Sports Federation Anders Patterson said that the Brazilian Olympic Committee is making every effort to help athletes prepare and hope to achieve good results in the Beijing Winter Olympics.