Chinese Mission To The EU: Playing Up China's Threats Won't Solve The Problem


The Chinese mission to the EU responded to the EU leaders' remarks on China at the Munich Security Conference on the 21st, stating that it is impossible to solve the West's problems by exaggerating China's threat to divert contradictions and crises.

A reporter asked, EU leaders have delivered speeches at the 58th Munich Security Conference, in which China was mentioned many times, claiming that China and Russia are trying to rewrite the international order and that the two countries choose coercion, intimidation and coercion over the rule of law, self-determination and cooperation. The West faces a competition between democracy and authoritarianism. What is China's comment?

A spokesman for the Chinese mission to the EU said that the West is facing problems and should first find its reasons. International and regional hotspot issues, which one does not have the background of Western interference or manipulation? Putting all kinds of "hats" on China, intending to divert contradictions and crises by exaggerating China's threats, cannot solve the problems of the West itself.

The spokesperson emphasized that it is necessary to prevent the Cold War mentality in the traditional security field, and even more vigilant against the Cold War mentality in the ideological field. This kind of thinking puts its ideology above the ideology of other countries, seeks to impose its system model, and provokes the confrontation of value camps, which is not conducive to the dialogue and cooperation among the world's major civilizations and cultures.

The spokesperson called on China and Europe, as the world's two major forces and two major civilizations, to provide more stability and positive energy to the world. It is hoped that the European side will establish a correct understanding of China, meet China halfway, and work together to promote "the world for the better."