China Completes Handover Of Emergency Food Aid To Syria


The handover ceremony of China's emergency food aid to Syria was held in Damascus, the capital of Syria, on the 16th. Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao and Syrian Arab Red Crescent Chairman Khalid Al-Hubbaqin attended the ceremony and signed the handover certificate.

In his speech at the handover ceremony, Feng Biao said that the handover of the rice emergency food aid promised by China to Syria has been completed, which reflects the deep friendship of the Chinese people towards the Syrian people. China will provide Syria with more humanitarian assistance within its capacity in the future.

Al-Hobubati expressed his gratitude to China for providing emergency food aid to Syria. He said that since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, China has provided a large amount of humanitarian assistance to Syria, which the Syrian people will bear in mind. It is hoped that Syria-China relations will further develop and the Syrian side will receive more help from the Chinese side.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in 2011, the Chinese government has been providing humanitarian assistance to Syria through various means and channels. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, China has repeatedly donated anti-epidemic materials such as vaccines and medical equipment to Syria.