Chang'e 5 New Discovery! 1 Ton Of Lunar Soil Has About 120 Grams Of Water


Recently, the planetary science team of the Institute of Geology and Earth Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with scientific research teams such as the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics and the National Space Science Center to study the data detected by the "Lunar Mineral Spectrometer" carried by the Chang'e 5 spacecraft. Table water content under in situ conditions. The latest research shows that there are about 120 grams of water in 1 ton of lunar soil and about 180 grams of water in 1 ton of rock. Combined with sample analysis, most of the water in the lunar soil comes from the contribution of the solar wind, and the extra water in the rocks may represent the water inside the moon. According to the scientific research team, the water detected by the spectrometer refers to water molecules or hydroxyl groups in minerals, which can only be converted into drinkable water under certain conditions.