Russia Sends A Russian Contingent Of Peacekeeping Forces To Kazakhstan


According to Russian satellite network news, Kazakhstan's state television reported that citing data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the country's authorities have arrested more than 3,000 people, eliminated 26 armed criminals, and injured 18 criminals. Law enforcement officials have taken control of all municipal government buildings and police stations in Kazakhstan.

In addition, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian transport aviation planes are sending the Russian contingent of the Ji'an peacekeeping force from airports in Moscow, Ivanov and Ulyanovsk regions to Kazakhstan. major force.

The Russian peacekeeping forces that have entered the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan have begun to perform their scheduled tasks and ensure the reception and deployment of the main forces of the peacekeeping contingent.

At the beginning of the new year, the price of liquefied natural gas in Mangistau state in southwestern Kazakhstan rose sharply. Protests and demonstrations took place in many places, which turned into large-scale riots, and rioters attacked government agencies in many places. Kazakhstan President Tokayev signed a presidential decree on the 5th, declaring a state of emergency throughout the country. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CCAS) said on the 6th that, at Tokayev’s request, the CDC decided to deploy peacekeeping troops in Kazakhstan for a short period.