Over 310,000 People In The UK Demand The Cancellation Of The Former Prime Minister Blair's Jazz Title


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was awarded the knight title by Queen Elizabeth II last week, which aroused the outrage of some British people. According to a report by “Russia Today” (RT) on January 2, 318,000 people signed a petition on the petition information website “Change.org” requesting the cancellation of Blair’s knight title. The petition stated that Blair should be held responsible for "war crimes."

According to the report, Angus Scott, the initiator of the petition, said that Blair “caused irreparable losses to the British Constitution and the social structure of the country” during his administration from 1997 to 2007.

The report mentioned that the petition accused Blair of dragging Britain into "various conflicts" and "causing the death of countless innocent civilians and soldiers." "On this basis, he should be held responsible for the war crimes," the petition wrote.

The report also stated that the person who signed the petition urged the British Prime Minister to ask the Queen to revoke the order to grant the title of Sir Blair within one day.

According to previous reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and RT, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom last week, and officially became "Sir Tony" on January 1, 2022. Blair said in a statement that being knighted is "a great honor."

However, many British people feel uneasy about this because Blair is still very controversial in Britain because of his involvement in the US and British invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Some netizens commented on Twitter: "Sir Tony Blair has appeared. He is a massacre war criminal, liar and quack. This is disgusting." "Tony Blair should be tried in The Hague (International Court of Justice). Rather than being knighted." "Tony Blair should be tried for war crimes, not knighted. This is a joke."