Warriors lost to Pelicans


On January 7, the Warriors lost to the Pelicans 96-101 and suffered a two-game losing streak.

Game review

In the first quarter, Ingram made a pick and Peyton II dunked. Graham scored a throw, Ingram made a tip, Wiggins made one of two free throws, and Rooney scored with a tip. Ingram scored a mid-range shot and played half a quarter. The Pelicans led the Warriors 8-5, and both sides had a low starting percentage. Wiggins scored 2+1, Porter and Wiggins scored three-pointers, and the Warriors scored 9-0. Jones and Belica drove each other's three-pointers. Varan made a tip-off, Belica made a layup, and Temple made a three-pointer. Li Zhongtou scored, after the first quarter, the Warriors led the Pelicans 22-16.

In the second quarter, after Cuminga made two free throws, he grabbed 4 front boards and scored at the basket. Kuminga received dunks and the Warriors led by 11 points. Walker scored a breakthrough and Lee made a tip-off. Hart hit a layup, Moody scored 6 points in a row, and Ingram scored 2+1. Lee hit a three-pointer, Ingram and Wiggins scored against the offense, Clark hit a three-pointer, Jones scored a layup, Ingram made a tip, and the Pelicans shot a 9-0 wave to overtake the Warriors. Wiggins scored a breakthrough and Varan made a tip-off. Kerr was dissatisfied with the penalty and received a technical offender. Ingram missed a free throw. At the end of the first half, the Pelicans led the Warriors 47-46. In the first half, Wiggins had 13 points and Ingram had 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

The easy side fought again, Hart scored a throw, and Porter made a hit. Payton II hits a hook and Hart hits a three-pointer. Hart received a technical foul, Poole scored a free throw. Wiggins scored 4 points in a row, Rooney scored a layup, and the Warriors overtook the Pelicans 7-0. Jones made two free throws, Ingram scored a fast break, Wiggins scored a breakthrough. Iguodala hit a three-pointer, Lee hit a layup, and Ingram also hit a three-pointer. Cumming added the basket and Clark made a three-pointer. Walker and Li each scored three-pointers. After three quarters, the Pelicans led the Warriors 75-73.

In the last quarter, Graham scored 5 points in a row. Belica made a layup, Moody made a dunk, and Clark made a three-pointer. Iguodala scored a hook, Hayes scored a layup, Hart scored inside, and the Pelicans led the Warriors by 9 points. Cumming added the basket to score, Wiggins made a shot, Ingram scored consecutively, Cumming added the basket to score, Jones also made a layup. Poole scored 5 points in a row, Cuming added a basket to score, and the Warriors played 8-0 to narrow the point difference to 3 points. Ingram made two free throws, Poole also made two free throws, Hart made two free throws, Poole made two free throws, but the touch came too late. In the end, the Pelicans beat the Warriors at home and ended their three-game losing streak.

Starting players

Warriors: Peyton II, Poole, Wiggins, Porter, Rooney

Pelicans: Graham, Hart, Ingram, Jones, Valanciunas