Messi Infected With COVID-19


Paris Saint-Germain officially announced that Messi, Bernat, Rico and Bitumazara have tested positive for the COVID-19.

During the Christmas holidays, Messi returned to Argentina's hometown of Rosario for vacation, and also attended a party with his wife Antonella. On Sunday, he was supposed to return to training as planned to prepare for the French Cup in the early hours of Tuesday morning, but the result of the COVID-19 test was positive.

Grand Paris announced today that Messi, Bernat, Rico and Bitumazara were unfortunately diagnosed. They are currently under quarantine and will be absent from the French Cup with Vannes in the early morning of January 4, Beijing time 1/ 16 finals.

As for the strong dialogue between Paris and Lyon on January 9, whether Messi can participate depends on whether the test result will turn negative at that time. If it is still positive, the truce will continue.

This is the first time Messi has been infected with the COVID-19 after the outbreak.

Here, I hope and bless him and the other players' health, get well soon, and return to the game!