Barcelona 2-1 Reversal To Advance! Copa Del Rey - Dembele Scores


In the third round of the Copa del Rey in the 2021/22 season, Barcelona defeated Sporting Linares 2-1 away. Dembele and Jutguela scored 2 goals to help Barcelona reverse the promotion.

Alves, Busquets, Alba and Neto entered the starting lineups in rotation. In the 19th minute, Canisel made a cross from the right and Diaz scored a header from the edge of the penalty area.

Barcelona scored 2 goals in a row to overtake. In the 63rd minute, Mingesa passed the ball and Dembele shot into the far corner from the right 25 yards, 1-1. In the 69th minute, Gonzalez passed the ball and Jute Guerra broke into the penalty area and shot into the far corner, 2-1.

Caracedo's left-side arc shot from the front of the penalty area hit the right post and bounced back. Sens passed the ball and Dembele broke through to 12 yards and hit the crossbar with a strong shot.