US Wants To Cut Off Russian GPS Connection


It was originally thought that after Russia announced that it would "disregard previous suspicions" and bring back American astronauts from the International Space Station, the space dispute between the United States and Russia would end here, because both countries know that, whether in space or other fields, giving up cooperation will have an impact on both countries. Therefore, Russia’s decision to bring American astronauts back can be regarded as a “step” for the United States. However, I did not expect that the United States has suddenly attacked recently, threatening to cut off the connection between Russia and GPS. Will global concerns come true?

The outside world has always been worried about a problem, that is, after the GPS is cut off by the United States, how will the communication and navigation of various countries be carried out normally? As the first country to develop satellite positioning and navigation systems, the coverage of GPS in the United States far exceeds that of other systems, and most countries in the world are highly dependent on GPS. After being cut off by the United States, countries cannot even launch missiles, so this has also become one of its tools to coerce countries to join forces. Now that the United States is considering kicking Russia out of GPS, the concerns of various countries may not come true, so what impact will this have on Russia?

In this regard, the Russian Space Agency said: I am not afraid this time, because it has already prepared, even if the United States cuts off the GPS connection, Russia will not be affected in any way, because Russia already has its independent satellite navigation system "Glo Nas". In the beginning, it was aware of the consequences of relying on GPS, so Russia vigorously developed its satellite navigation, and now "GLONASS" has matured and can cover the world. Once GPS is cut off, "GLONASS" will immediately replace it and continue to serve users, and all satellites will work normally.

It can also be said that thanks to the active withdrawal of GPS, "GLONASS" finally has a role to play, but some experts are not optimistic about Russia's autonomous satellite system, believing that its performance is overestimated and cannot completely replace GPS. However, for the Russian side, this is not a big problem, because even if the performance of "GLONASS" is flawed, there are other satellite systems in the world, and it is no longer the era when the US GPS is the only one. Therefore, the US move will not only not affect Russia, but will also trigger violent retaliation from Russia.

Earlier, Russia released a video of the Russian module detaching from the International Space Station, which fully confirmed that Russia’s previous remarks of “letting the International Space Station fall on the American soil” were no joke. Without the participation of Russia, the International Space Station will lose its direction and keep falling towards the earth, sooner or later it will crash into the United States and Europe. Therefore, I advise the US to stop aggravating the situation. The previous suppression has already caused it to be counterattacked. If the US continues to pressurize step by step, it will only be taught a hard lesson by Russia and persuade it to act on its own!