Ukrainian Medic Ordered To Castrate All Russian Prisoners Of War


The Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are still advancing with difficulty, and extreme remarks suddenly came out in Ukraine, which annoyed Russia.

According to Russian media RT, a few days ago, Ukrainian military doctor Gennady Drutsenko said in an interview with the "Ukraine 24 Hours" column: I ordered my medical volunteer team to castrate all Russian prisoners of war, they do not deserve to be called Humans, but a bunch of cockroaches!

Drutsenko's remarks caused an uproar in public opinion, but some netizens said they were not surprised.

Because a few days before Drutsenko made the above remarks, one of the hosts of the program, Shalamal, also quoted the remarks of the German Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann on the program, claiming that he had been "indoctrinated", and threatened: I will do everything in my power to ensure that all children in Russia die and disappear from the face of the earth.

Salamal also explained to the audience that killing all the children in the country means destroying the country itself, and even if it is to prevent the children from growing up to retaliate, it must be eradicated.

As soon as such bloody remarks came out, even Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian President's Office, could not stand it.

Arestovich posted a warning on his social media account: Recently, there have been public figures openly talking about the castration and genocide of Russian prisoners of war, which not only violates the Geneva Convention but also undermines Ukraine's National image that makes us look bad!

The Russian side was even more decisive and did not say much. It directly launched the investigation level and launched an investigation into Drutsenko and Shalamal, because the relevant remarks proved that the two may have committed war crimes.

Seeing that the matter was serious, the military doctor Drutsenko immediately confessed and explained on the social media platform. He said that he was just a mouth addict. He and his team had never done anything to any Russian prisoner of war. Such a thing cannot be done in the future. Drutsenko wrote: "I'm sorry I didn't control my emotions, we are still saving lives as always.

However, sharp-eyed netizens pointed out that Drutsenko's post was accompanied by a picture, which showed some netizens' "human flesh" to him, which contained information such as his personal contact information and address, and was accompanied by threats Sexual remarks such as "I'm about to come uninvited and castrate you" etc.

Therefore, Drutsenko's apology is likely not from the heart but forced.

Another host who made extreme remarks, Salamal, also posted an apology on his social media account, explaining that because he had a friend who died in the war, he couldn’t control his emotions for a while, and he said that extreme and Bloody words.

In fact, since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there have been frequent reports of Russian prisoners of war being abused. For example, the Ukrainian army illegally used white phosphorus bombs in the battle, urinated on the captured Russian army, and beat the Russian army on the head with a stick. , forced to kneel, etc. Recently, there was news that the Ukrainian army planned to tattoo the Ukrainian flag on the body of the captured Russian army to declare their victory.