Ukraine Warns: Russian Assassin Troops Are Coming To 'Beheading'


Nearly a month has passed since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the Russian army has approached Kyiv. Recently, the Russian army also launched an airstrike on the artillery target of Kyiv. And the rumors about the "beheading operation" also reappeared. The Ukrainian side claimed that Russia had once again sent a mercenary force to Ukraine to carry out the "beheading", and Zelensky had been advised to flee Kyiv as quickly as possible.

According to the Global Times, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense accused Russia of sending special forces related to the Wagner Group, a mercenary company, and said that this "assassin force" linked to the owner of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigo, is entering Ukraine one after another. Inside, their mission was to launch a "beheading operation" against Kyiv's top military and political leaders. Zelensky has been through "a dozen assassinations," according to Zelensky's adviser, and Zelensky claims that he is now "the number one target" and that his family is on a "kill list."

Nonetheless, Zelensky has so far claimed that he refuses to leave Ukraine, and Zelensky admits that since before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, he has been repeatedly asked to leave Kyiv, to leave Ukraine, Ukraine's intelligence services, and "foreign partners" That's what he was advised to do, but he will not leave Ukraine "no matter what the situation". Zelensky has also released videos several times before, trying to prove that he is in his office in Kyiv. However, some people questioned that the video he posted was "synthetic". Western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom claim to have prepared escape and asylum measures for Zelensky.

While Kyiv has been accusing Russia of "beheading" Zelensky, Zelensky is seeking a meeting with Putin. He has repeatedly shouted to Russia that it is time for "direct talks". This is also somewhat different from the Ukrainian side's position, because if Zelensky is a "No. 1 object", then he should not consider meeting with Putin. The Russian side has not announced any plans for a "beheading operation." Moscow has repeatedly explained that the plan for a special military operation is not aimed at Zelensky.

In addition, although Zelensky emphasized that he wants to negotiate with Putin, his conditions are also very confusing, such as requiring an "agreement" to be reached first, or pushing the content of the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations to the Ukrainians for a "vote". For negotiation, Russia does not reject it, but the Russian side believes that the negotiation should be planned and targeted, not just because it wants to negotiate, so it is negotiated. At the same time, Russia also suspects that the United States is manipulating Ukraine, which makes negotiations between Russia and Ukraine more difficult.

Therefore, a lot of information now sent out by Kyiv is confusing, and it may even be confusing what Ukraine itself expresses. Zelensky tried to create a "tough guy" for himself, and the Ukrainian military and intelligence services were also cooperating to package him, but the confusing signals sent were suspicious. Russia feels that Ukraine's attitude is unpredictable and insincere, so Russia can't give a clear response.