Ukraine Says Russia Launched Its First Attack On Western Ukraine


According to Ukrainian officials and military intelligence, on the 11th local time, the Russian armed forces launched an attack on western Ukraine for the first time, and airports in many cities in western Ukraine were hit. At the same time, the fighting around Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has intensified.

The British Ministry of Defense said on the 11th that the Russian air force and missile forces launched airstrikes on the main cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine on the same day. U.S. intelligence agencies said that the Russian military targeted airports mainly to prevent Ukrainian fighter jets from taking off from these airports.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov also confirmed on the 11th that the Russian army used "high-precision long-range weapons" to attack Ukrainian military infrastructure in the morning, and the airports in the two cities had been destroyed.

On the other hand, the US Maxar Technology Company said on the 11th that the company's satellite images showed that the Russian army continued to deploy heavy troops around Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and said that the satellite captured the picture of the Russian army firing. The company said it could not identify the target of the Russian shelling. CNN said fighting intensified northeast and east of Kyiv, and gunfire could be heard inside the city of Kyiv. Kyiv Mayor Klitschko said on the 10th that nearly 2 million people have been evacuated from the city, which is equivalent to nearly half of Kyiv's population.