Ukraine Says Another Major General Of The Russian Army Died In Battle


According to the US "Military Times" website, on March 7, local time, the Ukrainian side claimed that it killed a senior Russian military general in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Service released news on the 7th that Russian Army Major General Vitaly Gerasimov was "killed" in the battle near Kharkiv, and pointed out that this was another "high-ranking commander of the enemy". loss. In addition, the agency also said that several other senior Russian military officers were also killed and wounded.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Service, Gerasimov, chief of staff and first deputy commander of the 41st Army of the Russian Central Military District, participated in the Second Chechnya War and Russian military operations in Syria, or "Crimea" Recipient of the "Return" Medal.

U.S. media said the Russian embassy in the U.S. did not comment on Ukraine’s claim that Gerasimov was killed.

It is worth mentioning that just last week, the Russian "Pravda" reported that the deputy commander of the 41st Army of the Russian Central Military District, Major General Andrei Sukhovitzky from the Airborne Forces was in a special military operation in Ukraine. killed. The report pointed out that it was Sukhovitzki's comrade-in-arms Sergei Chipilev who announced the news on social platforms.

According to reports, Sukhovitzi graduated from the Ryazan Advanced Airborne Command School in 1995. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense website, he started his career as a platoon commander and later became chief of staff of the Guards Airborne Assault Unit.