Ukraine Retaliates! Rocket Hits Russian Base


A few days ago, the Russian army launched 8 cruise missiles to carry out a long-range precision strike on the border military base in Ukraine near Poland. According to the Russian army, the attack killed 180 foreign mercenaries and destroyed a large number of NATO countries. arms.

Although the Ukrainian side denied that the losses were heavy, bloody retaliation was immediately launched. According to the latest news from the Global Times, the Ukrainian army launched the "Dot-U" tactical ballistic missile, which attacked the densely populated city center of Udon Donetsk, bombing Killing and wounding dozens of civilians, this is not the end, Ukraine seized the opportunity to launch a revenge operation against the Russian army.

According to reports, on the afternoon of the 15th local time, the Ukrainian army used a large-caliber rocket launcher to carry out a rapid artillery attack on the Russian-occupied Kherson air base in southern Ukraine.

Judging from the satellite photos, the airport is full of flames and smoke is billowing. A large number of Russian armed and transport helicopters are caught in a sea of ​​fire. There are many large fire sources on the main runway of the base, which means that the Ukrainian army has many The rocket hit the Russian base, and the core command facility was also destroyed by the rocket. Ukraine said the attack was a complete success.

According to the satellite photos of the United States, after the Russian army captured Kherson, it quickly transferred a large number of military aircraft to the local air force base, including dozens of helicopters alone. Air raids and reconnaissance operations posed a serious threat to the defense of the Ukrainian army.

According to the battle report released by the Ukrainian army, the attack on the Kherson base destroyed 30 Russian helicopters, but the outside world believes that this number is false. Despite this, the losses of the Russian army can also be described as heavy.

According to the report, Kherson is the only major Ukrainian city completely controlled by the Russian army since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and it is also a strategic location for the hoarding of troops on the southern front of the Russian army. Outside analysts said that the Russian army may use Kherson as a starting point to attack the Ukrainian coastal city of Odessa westward.

Prior to this, the Russian army had divided its troops from Kherson and occupied the coast of the Azov Sea in Ukraine eastward, and the Russian camp forces in the Luton area had completed the siege of Mariupol, another coastal city in Ukraine. It can be said that Kherson is a crucial bridgehead in the hands of the Russian army, and naturally, it has also become a military stronghold that the Ukrainian army is striving to recapture.

In the direction of Nikolaev around Kherson, the encirclement of the Russian army is gradually shrinking. Through the bloody battle, the Russian army has initially won control of several strongholds around Nikolaev. Some Russian light mechanized troops are rapidly moving towards Odessa Oblast, southwest of Uzbekistan, marched.

Foreign media claimed that the Russian Marine Corps and Army units may land in the surrounding areas of Odessa in the next few days, thereby attacking the city of Odessa with the South Road Russian Army Armored Forces and Motorized Infantry Units. At present, the Ukrainian Army is ready to fight with Russia. brutal street battles.

Analysts pointed out that in the recent Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, we have found many casualties of the Russian army, all of which are related to the Russian army's lack of forwarding fire reconnaissance capabilities. In the case where the Russian army was repeatedly ambushed by the Ukrainian army and militia organizations, the Russian grassroots troops lacked drones and other battlefield reconnaissance methods. He went deep into the Ukrainian side of the Russian-Ukrainian line of fire many times, without conducting detailed reconnaissance and understanding the enemy's situation, he rashly interspersed behind the enemy and was "head-on" by the strong-willed Ukrainian army. This time, the Russian army's base on the front line was attacked by Ukrainian rocket artillery, which also shows that the Ukrainian army still has a combat capability that cannot be underestimated, and the Russian army's defense system also has obvious loopholes.