Ukraine: End The War With Russian In Two Weeks!


Unknowingly, the Russian army and Ukraine have been fighting for 28 days. Although the Russian army did not win the entire Ukraine in a flash, the Ukrainian army also fought very hard, and even the capital, Kyiv, was in jeopardy. Even so, Ukraine is still stubborn, and President Zelensky even said that the battle with the Russian army will be resolved within two weeks at the earliest.

On March 22, the Alarabiya report revealed that although the fighting between Russia and Ukraine continued and the negotiations were intermittent, the adviser to the Ukrainian President Oleksi Aristovich was very optimistic that Russia's attempt to attack the capital Kyiv would not be possible. It would be tantamount to suicide, and the battle with the Russians is likely to be over in two weeks.

Aristovic did not clarify what he meant by this sentence. Does it mean that the two countries will reach a negotiated agreement within two weeks, or will one side of Russia and Ukraine stop fighting within two weeks? And Aristovic did not give what data the prediction was based on. Media reports pointed out that many international observers currently cannot see any solution, and Russia and Ukraine also have differences of opinion on any solution. Aristovic’s remarks are suspicious.

Public opinion analysis believes that the sudden hardening of the back of the Ukrainian presidential adviser is not unrelated to the recent increase in support from the United States. On March 21, foreign media reports revealed that U.S. officials said the United States would send Soviet-made air defense equipment secretly obtained decades ago to enhance the ability of Ukraine’s military to defend against Russian air and missile attacks. The Wall Street Journal of the United States further disclosed that these systems included the Soviet-made SA-8 air defense system purchased by the United States decades ago.

Before that, Biden also announced that he would provide Ukraine with a new round of weapons aid worth $1 billion, which will be in place as soon as this week. Contains 800 sets of "Stinger" man-portable air defense missile systems, 2,000 sets of "Javelin" anti-tank missile systems, 6,000 sets of AT-4 anti-tank systems, 100 tactical drones, 100 rocket launchers, 5,000 automatic rifles, 1,000 pistols , 400 machine guns and 400 pump-action guns. In addition, more than 20 million bullets, rockets and mortar shells, as well as 25,000 bulletproof vests and an equivalent number of helmets will be provided to Ukraine.

In addition, German Foreign Minister Bell Burke also announced on March 21 that the foreign ministers of EU member states will make a political decision in Brussels on the 21st to allocate an additional 1 billion euros to Ukraine for its procurement of weapons. Bellburk also added that if Ukraine decides to buy German-made weapons, Germany will try to supply them as soon as possible.

But judging from the actual results, Ukraine is obviously too optimistic. On March 22, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 137 Ukrainian military installations, including observation points and communication centers, had been destroyed in the past day. Since the start of the war, the total losses of the Ukrainian army are 230 drones, 181 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,528 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 154 multiple rocket launchers, 602 field artillery and mortars, and 1,312 vehicles Special military vehicle.

The battle is so fought, can the battle be over in two weeks?