U.S. Will Provide Ukraine With Russian Military Intelligence


Russia and Ukraine have been fighting for more than 20 days. The casualties on both sides are very serious. In particular, Russia has lost a large number of soldiers and lost a lot of equipment, but it still has not won the capital of Ukraine Kyiv and the large western city of Kharkiv. At this critical moment, the United States announced another big news, which made the Russia-Ukraine war full of huge variables.

On March 18, Russia’s TASS news agency reported that Ronald Multree, the U.S. deputy defense secretary for intelligence, confirmed on Thursday that Washington quickly transferred intelligence information to Kyiv for use against Russian armed forces involved in special operations in Ukraine.

"The intelligence we're sharing, and the work we're doing to support the Ukrainian government, has a huge impact," Multree told the House Armed Services Committee hearing. "It's accurate, timely, and the Ukrainian military Actions can be taken on that basis.”

Multree declined to go public with further details on the topic. Two other participants in the hearing, Defense Intelligence Director Scott Berrier and U.S. Armed Forces Cyber ​​Command chief Paul Nakasone, also did not speak specifically about the matter.

At present, although the United States and other Western countries have not directly stepped down to help Ukraine fight the war, NATO countries around Ukraine have assembled more than 100,000 troops and a large number of advanced equipment, many of which are used for intelligence detection. The U.S. "Defense News" disclosed that U.S. early warning aircraft, reconnaissance planes and drones fly around Ukraine every day, and at most, there are more than 10 a day. In addition, multiple U.S. F-35 stealth fighters will also search for Russian military intelligence around Ukraine.

The notebooks of Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russian army show that they can connect to the US military early warning aircraft to receive the intelligence provided by the US military, and then accurately attack the Russian army, causing great casualties to the Russian army.

On March 18, Ukrainian Pravda reported that since the war started on February 24, the Russian army has killed more than 14,000 people, including Gerasimov Vitaly, deputy commander of the 41st Army of the Russian Central Military Region. 4 generals and 7 other senior officers. In addition, 194 Russian fighter jets and helicopters were shot down, and nearly 2,000 tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed. Ukraine itself claimed that the number of casualties was just over a thousand.

The military strengths of Russia and Ukraine are simply worlds apart. Although Ukraine’s announcement of the war losses between Russia and Ukraine may be exaggerated, it is an indisputable fact that Russia’s ineffective offensive in Ukraine is an indisputable fact. The "protracted-war" has nothing to do with the continuous intelligence support provided by the United States and the West and Ukraine.

With the United States publicly announcing that it will provide Ukraine with Russian military intelligence, there will be major changes in the Ukrainian war situation. Because the United States and other Western countries have already provided Ukraine with a large number of weapons and equipment, if they provide Russian military intelligence, it will undoubtedly mean that the Russian military is indirectly fighting against Western countries led by the United States. Even if you can win, it's going to be a tough fight.