Two Injured In Rocket Attack In Iraqi Capital's Green Zone


The Iraqi military said on the 13th that a rocket hit the "Green Zone" in the center of the Iraqi capital Baghdad on the same day, injuring two people.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command stated on the same day that the target of the rocket attack was a foreign embassy in the "Green Zone". The rockets were launched from southern Baghdad, and one of the rockets hit a school in the "Green Zone". A woman and a child were injured. Iraqi security forces are investigating casualties and property damage.

An Iraqi interior ministry official told Xinhua that defense systems deployed by the U.S. embassy in Iraq intercepted two rockets and another hit a school.

So far, no organization or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The "green zone" is home to Iraqi government agencies and the US and British embassies in Iraq, and similar attacks against the "green zone" have occurred from time to time.