Spain: Provoking Sovereignty! British Expansion Of Military Or Civilian Facilities In Gibraltar


According to a report by Spanish Radio and Television on the 4th, as the United Kingdom unilaterally announced that it was reclaiming land from the sea in Gibraltar, which is located in Spanish territory, the Western government accused the United Kingdom of violating the Utrecht contract. The British side not only built new reclamation projects from the sea but also expanded civil infrastructure projects and military fortifications. The Western government regarded this as contempt and provocation against Spanish sovereignty.

According to reports, since Brexit, the relationship between the West and Britain has not improved, especially on the issue of Gibraltar, the United Kingdom continues to uphold its consistent position. It is reported that the construction of the new project started in October last year, and the British side interpreted it as "civil construction to promote tourism." However, the Gibraltar authorities, driven by the British side, intended to expand 60,000 square meters of space around the airport in 2013. Although the move received solemn representations from the Western government, the British side did not stop it and instead became more unscrupulous. In response, the Western government insisted that the waters of Gibraltar belonged to Spanish territorial waters and that the British move directly violated Spanish territorial waters and sovereignty.