Russian Tank Blasted By 4 Ukrainian Missiles


Russian tanks were attacked on the streets of Ukraine, hit by at least 4 missiles in a row, and the tanks were completely blown up. A soldier in the tank narrowly escaped and escaped by crawling on the ground.

According to the "Daily Mail" report on March 17, this thrilling scene took place in the coastal city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine.

A Russian tank was driving on a road in Mariupol when the tank exploded at the rear after turning at an intersection.

The tank was quickly brought to a stop, the top was hit a second time by an anti-tank missile (ATGM), and flames from the explosion erupted from the top.

The tank then tried to back up to avoid the attack, only to be hit by the missile a third time. At this time, the picture shows that a Russian soldier in the tank opened the hatch and tried to escape, and thick smoke continued to pour out of the cabin.

Immediately afterward, the fourth missile struck again and landed on the top of the tank. The Russian soldier was blown to the ground and the soldier was killed on the spot.

At this point, the second Russian soldier climbed out of the tank and fell to the ground. Ukrainian missiles appeared to be aimed at him, and explosions continued to erupt around the soldier.

The soldier lay prone on the ground, crawling out of the tank a little bit, and finally escaped.

When the smoke cleared, drone footage showed the tank was burning and turned into the wreckage, the report said. The surviving soldier is missing, presumably, he should be wounded.

This video was captured by the Ukrainian "Azov" special operations team and posted on Facebook by the Ukrainian army on March 17. At the same time, the Ukrainian army also released a video of Kharkiv,

The video shows a Ukrainian soldier ambushing a Russian personnel carrier with rockets.

In the video, the Ukrainian soldier jumped from his vehicle and operated a rocket launcher as the Russian troop carrier passed by. The drone saw the rocket hit the troop carrier and the truck veered off the road and hit a utility pole.

The footage was then cut off, and it is unclear how many Russian soldiers were wounded in the attack.