Russian Ministry Of Defense Announces Latest Casualties Of Russian And Ukrainian Troops


According to a report issued by the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov on the evening of the 2nd, in this special military operation, 498 Russian troops have been killed in action, and the Ukrainian military death toll exceeded 2,870.

According to the news released on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Konashenkov said that in this special military operation, the number of Russian troops injured was 1,597, and the number of Ukrainian combatants was about 3,700. "According to the figures that have been confirmed so far, the number of captured Ukrainian soldiers is 572." Konashenkov said.

According to Konashenkov, as of now, the Russian army has destroyed 1,533 targets in the Ukrainian military infrastructure, including 54 command posts and communication centers, 39 sets of air defense missile systems and 52 radar stations. The Russian army also destroyed 60 Ukrainian aircraft and 47 drones, 484 tanks and other armored vehicles, 63 multiple rocket launchers, 217 field artillery and mortars, and 336 military special vehicles.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Mariar posted on social media on February 28 that from February 24 to 6:00 on the 28th, the Ukrainian army killed and injured 5,300 Russian soldiers and shot down 29 Russian aircraft and helicopters. 29, destroyed 191 Russian tanks, 816 armored vehicles, 74 cannons, and 5 air defense systems.