Russian Military: U.S. Uses Ukrainian Soldiers To Test Drugs

Russian Military U.S. Uses Ukrainian Soldiers To Test Drugs

On the 24th, Kirillov, commander of the Russian army's radiation, chemical and biological protection forces, said at a media conference that the United States has been conducting experimental drug tests on "volunteers" of the Ukrainian army, involving more than 4,000 people.

According to a report on the Russian Today website on the 24th, this experimental drug test was carried out in a project called "UP-8". The Russian military exposed the project earlier this month. Kirillov said that Russia continued to release information on the participation of Ukrainian military personnel in the study. It is worth noting that this kind of work is prohibited in the United States, so it is carried out abroad.

"According to data published by Bulgarian media, in the experiments carried out in the Kharkov laboratory alone, about 20 Ukrainian soldiers died and another 200 were hospitalized," Kirillov added, adding that there were "4,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Multiple people participated in the experiments carried out in Ukraine". He also noted that in 2010, Indonesia had closed the U.S. Naval Medical Center in Jakarta, which was involved in a similar project to Ukraine, citing "substantial violations."

The Russian Ministry of Defense has disclosed that the United States spent more than $200 million to open more than 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine, some of which are engaged in "research and development of biological weapons components". The data released by the US itself also shows that the US has 26 biological laboratories in Ukraine, and the US Department of Defense has "absolute control".