Russian Foreign Ministry Announces Suspension Of Japan-Russia Peace Treaty Talks


TASS news agency reported on the 22nd that the Russian Foreign Ministry said on the 21st that Moscow will stop negotiations on a peace treaty with Japan because of Japan's unilateral sanctions against Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

According to reports, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: "Under the current circumstances, Russia has no intention of continuing to negotiate a peace treaty with Japan, because it is impossible for (Russia) to have a relationship with a country that unabashedly takes an unfriendly stance and tries to cause damage to our country's interests. Explore signing a fundamental treaty in the bilateral relationship."

According to reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that it has decided to stop visa-free travel for Japanese citizens. The report mentioned that in 1991 and 1999, the two sides reached a visa-free exchange agreement between Russia's South Kuril Islands and Japan, and the two sides are willing to travel to Japan. Agreement on Simple Travel Rules by the Japanese of their former residence on the island (Southern Kuril Islands). The report also said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Russia was withdrawing from the dialogue with Japan on joint economic activities in the southern Kuril Islands. "Tokyo is responsible for harming bilateral relations and Japan's interests, and it consciously chose to support an anti-Russian policy instead of developing mutually beneficial cooperation and good-neighborly relations," the Russian foreign ministry said.