Russia Dispatches 'Doomsday Plane' To Issue Top-level Warning To NATO


Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, both the Russian army and the Ukrainian army have suffered huge losses of personnel and equipment, especially the wreckage of ground armored vehicles can be seen everywhere; of course, there is also some equipment with outstanding performance, such as the Ka-52 "Alligator" "Army helicopters, etc., and the outside world has paid the most attention in the past two days, of course, the "Dagger" hypersonic missile project.

According to the news disclosed by the Russian army: On March 18, the Russian army used the "Dagger" missile to destroy a large ammunition depot in western Ukraine; on March 19, the Russian army fired the "Dagger" missile again, destroying the Ukrainian army's A major fuel depot.

As one of the first hypersonic missiles in the world to enter active service, the Dagger's debut has indeed attracted widespread attention from military observers. Hypersonic missiles have always been considered as cross-generational weapons and equipment that can change the rules of the battlefield. Of course, the outside world can't wait to know its specific combat performance; but unfortunately, the main ability of hypersonic missiles, that is, penetration performance has not been able to. It has been fully demonstrated because the Ukrainian army has no air defense system, and the two "dagger" missile attacks are not much different from ordinary target shooting.

This is like the fact that although the U.S. military has put F-22 and F-35 fighter jets into some battlefields to perform missions, F-35 has also performed ground attack missions in Afghanistan, but because the other party has no air defense capability at all, as a fifth-generation aircraft performance It has not been fully demonstrated; in contrast, the Air Force Commander of the US Pacific Command revealed some details of the encounter between the J-20 and the F-35 over the East China Sea two days ago, which allows people to see some clues of future air battles.

The first show of the "Dagger" missile is more significant in deterring the NATO military group, proving that the Russian army has weapons that they cannot stop - but it is not the "Dagger" missile that can make NATO feel oppressed. , but the Russian army seems to be preparing for a "doomsday war" very seriously.

These days, the Russian military has been conducting "doomsday flight drills". On March 17, 22 Russian military special planes, including the "Doomsday Special Plane", suddenly flew east from Moscow Airport, including the Tu-214PU air command plane and the Il-96-Il-96-Kremlin known as the "Air Kremlin". 300, which has sparked various speculations on social media, with many people believing that Russia is conducting a "nuclear war exercise".

Those who are familiar with Russian military equipment certainly understand that the Tu-214PU is a "doomsday aircraft" with the same name as the E-4B. It is specially designed for nuclear war and can command intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines, and strategic nuclear bombers to carry out nuclear counterattack operations; Dispatched, of course, will arouse the attention of the outside world.

In the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Russia dispatched "doomsday planes" to conduct "shock and deterrence flights", of course, to warn NATO countries that "we must pay attention to Russia's nuclear deterrence capabilities." In the "Swastika" issued a few days ago, Putin has already told the Russian military and civilians that the Western oppression has left Russia with no choice. Just like Stalin's order "not allowed to take a step back", Russia has a vast land, but there is no way to retreat; In this case, Russia will of course consider the most pessimistic situation, that is, everyone will pick up bottle caps together.

These days, the Russian army has bombed the Ukrainian special forces training camp in the Zhitomyr area. It is reported that another group of international mercenaries has been wiped out. Despite the wave after wave of Western sanctions and suppression, even without any process Direct freezing of Russian assets, cannot stop Putin's determination to solve the Ukraine problem.

Perhaps the West can deduct a large amount of money belonging to Russia, but they should think more about whether they can fight a "doomsday war" with Russia-this is Russia's worst plan and the highest level of warning.