Russia And Ukraine To Discuss Ceasefire In Second Round Of Talks


According to Mejinsky, the head of the Russian delegation and presidential assistant, on the 2nd, the Russian delegation has arrived at the Belovezh Forest, the negotiation site in Brest Oblast, Belarus, and is preparing to conduct the second round of negotiations with the Ukrainian delegation. Russia and Ukraine will discuss a ceasefire and the establishment of humanitarian corridors in the negotiations.

Russian media quoted Mekinsky as saying that the members of the Russian delegation participating in the second round of negotiations remain unchanged. Russia and Ukraine jointly decided to hold talks in the Belovezh Forest. Members of the Ukrainian delegation have left Kyiv and will arrive at the negotiation site on the 3rd local time. The Russian army will provide safe passage for the Ukrainian delegation in Ukraine, and the Belarusian special forces will ensure the safety of the Ukrainian delegation in Belarus.

Mekinsky said that in the first round of negotiations, Russia and Ukraine put forward their respective positions, and the Russian side made some proposals for an immediate ceasefire. The two sides reached an understanding on some issues, but for some issues of principle, the Ukrainian delegation needs time to ask the Ukrainian leadership for advice.

According to a report by Ukrainian News Agency on the 2nd, citing the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ukrainian delegation was on its way to the Belovezh Forest. The Ukrainian president's office gave no further details.

On February 28, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations held the first negotiation after the Russian side launched a special military operation in Gomel Oblast, Belarus. Mekinsky told the media after the talks that Russian and Ukrainian representatives discussed all the issues on the agenda in detail during the negotiation process and found some issues that the two sides predicted could reach a consensus. Both sides agreed to continue negotiations.