Russia And Ukraine Reach Agreement On Temporary Ceasefire To Establish Humanitarian Corridors


On March 3, local time, the second round of talks between Russia and Ukraine ended, and the two sides reached an agreement on a temporary ceasefire and the establishment of humanitarian channels. The two sides will maintain communication and cooperation on the establishment of humanitarian corridors soon.

Mezinsky, head of the Russian delegation, said that the main issue to be resolved in today's negotiations is to save civilians. He also said that the representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries have reached an agreement on the form of opening a humanitarian corridor for civilians and the method of declaring a temporary ceasefire to ensure the evacuation of civilians, which is substantial progress in the negotiations. Leslutsky, a member of the Russian negotiating delegation and chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, said that the agreement reached by the Russian side and the Ukrainian side still needs the approval of the parliaments of the two countries. The third round of negotiations will be held soon, and it is not ruled out that Russia and Ukraine will conduct multiple rounds of negotiations.

Podoljak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president's chief of staff, said the Ukrainian side did not get the desired result. Podoljak said a ceasefire could be considered during the evacuation of civilians in areas where humanitarian corridors have been established. To this end, the two sides will construct special communication and interaction channels and corresponding logistical procedures as soon as possible.