NATO Decides To Increase Military Aid To Ukraine

NATO Decides To Increase Military Aid To Ukraine

On March 24, the NATO summit was held at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting lasted about 2 hours. After the meeting, the "Joint Statement of the Heads of State and Government of NATO Member States" was issued, and the statement made three decisions.

One is to continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft weapons and drones, as well as anti-biological and chemical weapons and anti-nuclear equipment. In addition, Ukraine will be provided with technical equipment to ensure network security.

The second is to strengthen the military deployment of NATO troops in the Baltic Sea coast, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In addition to the four battle groups that have been deployed in the Baltic countries and Poland, it is decided to deploy four more battle groups in Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. , bringing NATO's total troop strength in Eastern Europe and the Balkans to eight battle groups of about 40,000 people, including air and sea deployments.

The third is that NATO member states agree to increase military spending, which will make each country's military spending meet or approach the standard of 2% of their respective GDP. Germany, Belgium and other countries have announced increases in military spending before the meeting.

NATO believes that Russia's military action in Ukraine has completely changed the security situation in Europe, and the strategic adjustment that NATO needs to make is long-term and lasting.