Japan Dispatched A Large Number Of Military Planes To Transport Arms To Help Ukraine


According to information from Japan, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces recently dispatched a large number of military aircraft to provide arms to Ukraine, and Ukraine has received substantial assistance from Japan.

The same are Western countries, France and Germany support the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, sit down and have a good talk. But Japan has added fuel to the fire. Japan wants to make Ukraine an important ally for the Japanese army to fight against the Russian army. It seems to support Ukraine more actively than the United States. In addition to providing arms, Japan has done an unprecedented thing, and Ukraine Shares satellite intelligence. What's going on here?

It turned out that the Japanese authorities have stated that Ukraine has proposed the idea of ​​requiring Japan to provide satellite intelligence about the Russian army. This satellite intelligence involves important clues such as the equipment and deployment of the Russian army. Under the unfavorable situation of the Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army needs Such intelligence, and the Japanese authorities' satellites with synthetic aperture radars are also capable of providing such intelligence.

What's more worth mentioning is that Japan's use of synthetic aperture radar intelligence is likely to give the Russian army a fatal blow. This is because the synthetic aperture radar is a radar with advanced performance and can see through the camouflage of Russian military equipment. If Japan and Ukraine carry out intelligence support, the Ukrainian army can purchase UAVs from the West to accurately attack the ground equipment of the Russian army and give Russia The military equipment is sufficient to kill.

This was a fatal blow to the Russian army, whose operations were all monitored by Japanese satellites.