Germany Supplying Ukraine With More Weapons


On the 21st local time, German federal government spokesman Herber Streiter said that Germany will provide Ukraine with more weapons based on the existing arms assistance framework. Previously, Germany has supplied Ukraine with anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft missiles.

However, according to the latest statement of German Defense Minister Lambrecht, the Bundeswehr can no longer provide weapons to Ukraine through existing stocks. This means that if the German government makes relevant purchases to supply Ukraine with arms, it needs to go through the arms export approval of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

In this regard, Herbstreet did not disclose how much the government is willing to spend to buy weapons from armament companies on the 21st. But he said the EU would increase arms purchase aid to Ukraine from 500 million euros to 1 billion euros. German Foreign Minister Bell Burke also confirmed this before the start of a meeting of EU foreign and defense ministers in Brussels that day.