Confidential Documents Exposed! Civilian Deaths Caused By U.S. Airstrikes In The Middle East Are Much Higher Than The Admitted Number


The US "New York Times" disclosed a major Pentagon scandal on the 18th local time.

Based on news from The New York Times, AFP and Russia Today (RT), the Pentagon has seriously downplayed the number of civilian deaths caused by its so-called "precision" strikes in Syria and Iraq.

According to a confidential assessment of more than 1,300 civilian casualties reported by the US military obtained by the "New York Times", the airstrikes launched by the United States in many countries in the Middle East were marked as "serious intelligence errors." These airstrikes were rushed and imprecise. The situation caused the death of thousands of civilians, including many children. According to the report, this is in sharp contrast to the image of the U.S. government portraying a war waged by all-seeing drones and precision missiles.

RT stated that the militant US military tends to rely on "incorrect or incomplete" intelligence to combat "terrorist" targets, sometimes killing dozens of civilians. As an example, the report stated that on July 19, 2016, an airstrike by the United States killed approximately 120 Syrian villagers. The Pentagon believes that about 85 militants were killed in the bombing, even though the incident occurred "away from the front line." In an attack in 2017, a U.S. fighter plane mistakenly used a civilian car with two children as a car bomb and killed a family fleeing west of Mosul (a city in northern Iraq).

After reviewing documents and visiting nearly a hundred locations in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, the New York Times stated that although the U.S. military did not visit these places or talk to witnesses, they still often deny civilian casualties. The report says these are not credible.

In addition, even if the United States recognizes civilian casualties, it is not eager to pay compensation to the victims. The New York Times reported that “it paid less than a dozen condolences”.

The Pentagon claimed that the U.S. bombing operations in Syria and Iraq caused a total of 1,417 civilian deaths. Since 2018, 188 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan. However, the New York Times stated that although the number of deaths is still unclear, there is one thing. The thing is for sure: the exact number of deaths is much higher than the number admitted by the Pentagon.