China: Assist Chinese Citizens To Evacuate Ukraine


At the regular press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on the 28th, when answering a question about whether China was preparing to evacuate Chinese citizens from Ukraine, spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the current situation in Ukraine is complicated and volatile. The Chinese side maintains communication, closely follows the development of the situation, and studies all feasible plans to assist the voluntary safe evacuation of Chinese citizens in Ukraine.

At present, the road and land traffic safety situation in Ukraine is extremely unstable. We solemnly remind Chinese citizens in Ukraine to pay close attention to the situation in their location, keep calm, and take all necessary measures to take safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Wang Wenbin said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy in Ukraine will continue to track and assess security risks, coordinate with all relevant parties, strive for all available resources, and assist in the transfer and evacuation of my Chinese personnel in Ukraine under the premise of ensuring security.