Biden: Now The US-Russia Relationship Has Completely Broken Down


According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), on the 24th local time, US President Biden delivered a speech at the White House on the situation in Ukraine. When asked about U.S.-Russian relations, Biden said "now the U.S.-Russian relationship is completely broken."

According to the report, Biden criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for "naked invasion of Ukraine" in his speech, and also said that he wanted to make Putin "a pariah on the international stage." "Putin was an aggressor, he chose this war. Now he and his country will bear the consequences," Biden said.

NBC said that after weeks of diplomatic mediation, the Russian "invasion" changed Biden's tone. In addition, in his speech that day, Biden also announced a new round of severe sanctions against Russia, including freezing all Russian assets in the United States and restricting Russia's ability to use dollars, euros, pounds and yen to do business.

According to a CNN report, a U.S. State Department official confirmed on the 24th that in response to Russia’s expulsion of the second diplomat of the U.S. embassy in Russia, the United States expelled the second diplomat (Minister) of the Russian embassy in the United States. (Counsellor, second only to ambassador), the official said the matter had nothing to do with the current Ukrainian crisis.

The official also said that the No. 2 diplomat at the Russian embassy in the United States was asked to leave the United States within a few weeks.