Intel CEO Kissinger: 12th-Generation Core Leaves AMD Behind


Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has been Intel’s CEO for 11 months, and during that time, he has enjoyed speaking his mind. To celebrate nearly a year in his tenure, and to celebrate the new year, Kissinger made a video for his LinkedIn followers in which he claimed that Intel is now firmly ahead of AMD in the consumer market, which is in its “In the rearview mirror”.

The new leadership spurred a rapid pace of transformation and change at Intel, Kissinger said, while the outside world was busy adapting to new habits at work and in life. He shares his philosophy that everyone can work towards their goals.

During the discussion, Kissinger was even blunter about suggesting that AMD would play a secondary role in the x86 processor business from now on: “Alder Lake (12th Gen Core processors), all of a sudden… Boom! We’re back in the game, AMD is in the customer’s (consumer market) rearview mirror, they’ll never be on the windshield again, and we’re leading the market.”

These claims refer to Alder Lake’s excellent performance and price/performance ratio in desktop computers. However, it is unknown how Alder Lake will perform in the notebook computer market, but don’t wait too long, notebook computers equipped with Alder Lake will start shipping next month.

Kissinger’s speech also highlighted his long-term goals, such as the goal of rolling out five nodes on a four-year roadmap. Kissinger mentioned that progress is underway on the Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, Intel 20A and Intel 18A nodes, with the latter scheduled to debut in “early 2025.”

In a seasonal address to Intel colleagues, Kissinger said he would do the best for all 100,000 Intel employees, promising that he is still as excited about Intel’s potential as he was when he joined the company years ago.

Intel is certainly energized in the face of recent wins in desktop PCs, but there are still plenty of challenges left in AMD’s race against Intel in the laptop and server markets, not to mention the fact that AMD will be launching desktop PCs later this year. Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 chips. Given Kissinger’s penchant for inflammatory rhetoric, we’re sure to see a lot of gunpowder in the coming year as Intel works to regain its lead.