One Rocket 540 Satellite! SpaceX's Ten-Handed Falcon 9 Rocket Creates Miracles


On January 13, SpaceX successfully carried out the "Transporter 3" launch mission on the Cape Canaveral 40 launch pad in the United States, with many highlights and great significance.

First of all, the Falcon 9 rocket number B1058.10 that carried out this launch mission was also its tenth flight, and it was successfully recovered again. It has also become SpaceX's third "ten-handed rocket" after B1049 and B1051.

This time, the method of land recovery was adopted, and the recovery platform was only a few hundred meters away from the launch pad.

The rocket's first mission was on May 30, 2020, and it took only 19 months to complete 10 launches and recoveries, setting a new record.

Second, Transporter3 is a "space carpool" mission, carrying a total of 105 small satellites from all over the world.

Among them, the largest in the Ukrainian Sich 2-1 earth imaging satellite, weighing 170 kg, five SAR radar remote sensing satellites from three companies, ICEYE from Finland and Capella/Umbra from the United States, and 44 small "super pigeon" optical imaging satellites.

Transporter 1 launched 143 small satellites in January 2021, and Transporter 2 launched 88 small satellites in June, for a total of 336 small satellites across the three missions.

In this space batch vehicle mission, SpaceX charges $5,000 per kilogram, which is quite low and once again demonstrates the advantages of repeatable rockets.